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    Wholesale packed more virgin extra virgin olive oil, eco-friendly And kalamata olives, honey…

    Together with the brand “KAPA CRETE ENTERPRISES” we go to close off the most notable quality and purity in a number of Greek products, which we want to export to a few nations around the world.

    Greece is actually a country using a very long history and tradition in high quality raw components, along with incredible and unique local products, the basis and the key reason for the roll-out of the Mediterranean diet regime. A diet regime which is continually growing around the world, because the top rated diet program anybody can adhere to.

    Our objective and our sight would be to gather the very best products created on Hellenic Land, in collaboration with the properly picked associates from each corner of Greece, who aim to produce top quality products.

    Hence, we shall help small and big Greek makers, although concurrently funnel potential prospects in virtually any nation around the world, wherever they might be.

    Several of the major products that there are actually along with us, are natural virgin and further virgin olive oil, olives of varied varieties and sizes, Thyme darling which includes kinds with herbs as well as quite a few variety of products found on our website.

    “KAPA CRETE ENTERPRISES” exports products only such as general, with transport possible from one pallet, to as numerous storage containers as you wish. We thrive in work asit provides greatest results, in both the products and for the consumer consistently satisfied.

    We have been probably the most skilled spouse that the company might have in Greece. What about you?

    We provide top quality services, exporting top rated products to many countries around the globe. If you want to have the best quality products and partners, then we are the partner you are looking for.

    High Quality: One of many no-negotiable issues in just about every new partnership perform, is definitely the essential high quality inside the products we opt to export, to numerous countries around the world all over the world.

    Suitable Packaging: We pay a lot of attention to the packaging of the products, because we want them to always reach our customer safely, but at the same time to be elegant so that they can be resold.

    Delivery By The Due Date: Yet another primary problem of the clients are the right assistance with all types of transfer businesses, which we use for the delivery of the goods, in whichever country their destination is.

    Guarantee For Each Of Our Services: To the excellent quality we want to go to standardization of the products, but also the proper delivery and management to our customers, all this makes us can guarantee for our impeccable services, because we control all the stages from the production of the products carried out by our partners.

    For People No Consumer Is Little: For that company "KAPA Crete Enterprises" we do not think about any customer modest, all consumers are evenly important to us, irrespective of how tiny or how large a person is. According to each means of transport that exists, as long as it presupposes security and speed in the transport and delivery of our products, we export the quantity.

    We May As If You To Keep In Mind: If you are looking for a product that you may not have seen in our site, remember that we can do research throughout Greece on your behalf and we look to find the best product for the type you are looking for.

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