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    Add a touch of warmth to any room by illumination up several tealights on the inside these copper green tea light-weight holders.

    Not only are they a stylish accessory for nearly every space in the home but they also give a hot gleam towards the tealights you use with them. The reflective nature of your on the inside of these increased gold tea light-weight holders indicates you enjoy the glow and flicker of your tealight as well as have a wonderful surrounding stand out from the copper.

    Not only are they excellent for bathtime being a an indulgent take care of in addition they look fantastic as wedding ceremony kitchen table decoration. Make the leading table put with a collection of wedding party teas lighting holders.

    These tea lighting holders measure 42mm in size and they are 31mm high. For level the typical tealight size is 38mm in size (found in the photos).

    I would suggest that you employ these with a warmth resilient area and also to in no way abandon a burning candle unwatched.

    Some people prefer the industrial look of the stamped meausurements, though please note that there is a set of stamped measurement on the back of the copper tealight holders but they are only visible from one side and can be turned around to be hidden should you desire.

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