Top 5 Greatest Astronomers

Top 5 Greatest Astronomers

Top 5 Greatest Astronomers

The top 5 greatest astronomers of all time have brought us the ability to look into the galaxies with awe and amazement. We learn from their explorations and their studies. We partake in their obsessions.

Charles Messier

Charles Messier is one of the top 5 greatest astronomers. He is known by many in the world of astronomy. First, he was obsessed with discovering the comets and the orbits they are positioned in. Second, he realized others were being distracted by the deepness involved in the sky. Then, he created a catalog which was published in the 1700s. This invention held  information on over one-hundred deep objects of the sky. This became the first collection of its kind.

Nicolaus Copernicus

Nicolaus Copernicus was one of the most important astronomers in his era. He receives credit for his comprehensive version of the solar system. Unfortunately, many people in his day mocked his ideas. But, when his information published, many changed their views to align to his.

William Herschel

Even as a talented musician, William loved to learn more about the distant galaxies which intrigued him. He created home made telescopes to increase his discoveries. And, he knew there was more than the mere eye could see. In his life journey, Herschel is famous for finding over 800 binary systems within the stars.

Edwin Hubble

Hubble brought a whole new world to us through the study of astronomy. He discovered galaxies beyond the milky way. This discovery alone changed the world. Now, it allows others to see there was an indefinite expanse yet to be discovered. And, Hubble’s law was also created through his efforts to learn more about the vast existent galaxies.

Galileo Galilei

Galilei is one of the most important astronomers in history. At the dawn of telescopic inventions, he dared to create an even better device. It was known as the refracting telescope. Yet,through his increasing curiosity to discover even more, he receives credit for seeing the moon craters first. Also, Galileo realized sun spots, and the tracking phases of Venus. Galileo is highly known for his discovery of the Galilean moons.

Astronomers Past & Present

Many astronomers past have changed history. Each one leaves us with a legacy in the field of astronomy. Present day astronomers will continue to bring us new discoveries. And, we will yet discover more in the galaxies and skies beyond!




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