Office Holiday Party Planning Guide


office holiday party planning guide

Check Out This Office Holiday Party Planning Guide!

The holidays are here! Now, is the time for the office holiday party! But, how are you going to plan for it? Read this office holiday party planning guide to get started!

Office Holiday Party Planning Guide

First, there are a number of questions to ask. This will provide the foundation for planning. Answer the following questions.

  • Will the party be business oriented? Or, will it be purely fun?
  • Do you want people to dress casual, or formal?
  • What funds are available? And, what will the budget allow for?
  • How many people will be helping to plan the event?
  • Will any awards be presented during the party?
  • Where will the holiday party be held? Will it be onsite, or offsite?
  • And, will the party include a dinner? Or, will there be finger foods?

Organization Rules

When developing a plan for an office holiday party, organization rules. So, once you know the answers to the above questions, you can start planning. A well-organized party will be more enjoyable for everyone.

Location Details – Onsite

There are a variety of locations to hold a holiday party. If the business has a meeting room, it can be planned onsite. When brainstorming, consider the following questions:

  • Will the onsite location provide enough space?
  • Is it easily accessible for everyone? And, can a catering company gain easy access for serving food?
  • Will there be a need for additional security?
  • Does the company have ample parking for additional guests?
  • Do you have access to enough tables and chairs?
  • What other things need to be considered for an onsite party?

Location Details – Offsite

Many companies like to use an offsite location for parties. Alternatively, employees may be more relaxed in a different location. They also do not feel like they are “at work.” Offsite locations can include the following:

  • Steakhouse restaurants
  • Banquet servicing locations
  • High school gymnasiums
  • Church fellowship halls
  • Hotel conference rooms
  • In town party sites

Invitations for the Office Holiday Party

Everyone will need to know about the party. Consider the following questions for party planning.

  • Will special invitations be printed?
  • Who will send out emails? How many emails need to be sent?
  • Does each employee need to RSVP? If so, how many days will be required ahead of time?
  • Do program flyers need to be created? Who will handle this?

Prizes & Giveaways

Besides employee awards, will there be prizes? Or, do you need giveaway items for the holiday party? Many businesses are willing to make a donation. And, there are a variety of options when adding prizes or giveaways.

  • Gift cards to restaurants
  • Gift certificates for other stores
  • T-shirts, caps, & apparel
  • Jewelry items
  • Coolers, lunch bags, and cup coolies
  • Company logo merchandise
  • Party theme related items

Entertainment Options

Entertainment adds a nice atmosphere to a holiday party. This can be as simple as music playing in the background. Large party events can include a hired music group or DJ. Other options include illusionists, ventriloquists, or clowns.

Decorations for the Office Holiday Party

Last, what decorations will you need for the office holiday party? This can be simple or more involved. Smaller parties can include a smaller number of decorations. Larger parties will need more.

Party supplies stores offer themed decorations. And, they carry a host of items to help with party planning.

  • Colored plates, cups, plastic wear
  • Garlands, balloons, tablecloths
  • Confetti, streamers, center pieces
  • Party hats, banners, wall décor

There may be other items needed. The office holiday party might include the following items.

  • Fun awards, recognition certificates
  • Snacks, desserts, & drinks
  • Camera supplies (documenting the event)
  • Candles & lighter
  • Serving dishes & bowls
  • Ice machine
  • Balloon bouquets
  • Sign-in book
  • Signs for office holiday party event

Office Holiday Party Planning Guide

The office holiday party planning guide helps you begin the planning process. And, every party will be different. This guide will help get you started.

Please let us know of other ideas for planning! Also, we would love to hear how your holiday party went!