Toddler Packing List For Travel


toddler packing list

What Do You Include In Your Toddler Packing List For Travel?

Traveling with toddlers offers many opportunities. Planning makes vacation more organized. Use this essential Toddler Packing List to get started.

Toddler Packing List – Diapering

  • Large & small diaper bag – pack a large diaper bag with all essentials; use the small bag for short trips on vacation
  • Diapers and wipes – pack these must have items for the road trip; take extras for vacation time, or buy more at your destination
  • Changing pads – these are great to lay on changing stations at rest stops, or they can be used anywhere
  • Plastic bags – these are great to add soiled diapers in on the road; have bags for dirty laundry and other needs

Travel Toddler Packing List – Clothing

  • Daily clothing – pack enough clothing for daily use; include extra sets of clothing for emergency
  • Blankets – include several blankets in your travel essentials; one can be used daily; spare blankets used when needed
  • Socks & shoes – several pair of shoes will offer a selection based on weather; extra socks are great especially during winter months
  • Bathing suits – if traveling in the warmer months, include bathing suits
  • Coats and sweaters – during the cooler months, include outerwear; always take at least one-year-round
  • Bibs – feeding toddlers can be messy, so don’t forget to pack some bibs

Toddler Packing List – Snack Time

  • Plenty of snacks – these are great during travel hours; curb hunger in between planned meal times
  • Milk & juice – include toddler’s favorite milk and juice for travel
  • Sippy cups – don’t forget to include sippy cups and water bottles
  • Toddler toothbrush – pack needed items for tooth care for travel time
  • Feeding sets – add small sealable bowls for travel or your child’s favorite feeding set; can also use zip lock bags for snack items

Other Needed Items – Toddler Packing List

  • Hand sanitizer – to keep away the germs for toddler and family
  • Sunscreens – keep the harmful rays away from delicate skin during vacation time
  • Toiletries – include small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, baby lotion, and UV creams; include laundry soap if needed
  • Toys – include new toys for vacation time for toddler; add audio books, coloring kits, and other essentials
  • Night light & socket protectors– include a small plug in night light for the hotel room, and add socket protectors (for the stay)
  • First aid – don’t forget the first aid kit for toddler and family
  • Equipment – depending on space, include portable high chair, stroller, play crib for traveling
  • Car seat – for the safest travel with toddler, always include a safe car seat

Do You Travel Often With Toddlers?

Are there other items you would add to your toddler packing list? Add them in the comment section below! We love to hear suggestions!

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