How To Crush Credit Card Debts

crush credit card debts

How To Crush Credit Card Debts

Learn how to crush credit card debts. Use these powerful steps to lessen your debt. And, obtain more financial freedom for you and your family. By eliminating credit card debt, tons of money can be saved on interest paid.

Follow These Powerful Steps

Stop Spending – Instead of buying to your heart’s content, stop spending. This is often the hardest thing to do for many. But, it will give great power to start crushing credit card debts.

Often, a change of mind and habit is needed to stop spending. Determine if you really need to buy the item you are looking at. Ask yourself, “Can this purchase wait?” If it can, then later may be a better time.

Join up with a friend to keep you accountable. Having a “workout” buddy is motivating. So, is having someone to keep you challenged to crush credit card debt.

Choose Debt Reduction Plan – There are many different debt reduction plans available. Choose one that works for you. Some use Dave Ramsey’s debt elimination snow ball. Choose one small credit card to pay off. When it carries a zero balance, move to the next one.

The snow ball effect comes in this way. Card number one is now paid off. The amount you were paying is $50 per month. Now, the second card you are working on, you are paying $100 month. Add the $100 (new card amount) plus the $50 (you were paying on the first card) together. In this way, you stack your payments. You are now moving forward!

Next, Take These Steps

Stay Focused – Now is the time to stay focused. Keep moving forward in paying off your credit card debts. Double up, or even triple pay on accounts. Keep stacking the amounts on each new debt you are working to pay off.

Find additional ways to keep crushing your debts away. Sell unneeded items. Take on some odd jobs for additional income. Look for other ways to save money. Once each debt is paid, stay focused on living debt free!

Celebrate Your Success – Crushing your debts brings a wonderful feeling! Celebrate your success in non-monetary ways if possible. Or, only spend a small amount (cash) on something useful for years to come. Spend special time with loved ones!

Ready to Crush Credit Card Debts?

Awesome! Now you know the steps needed to crush debt completely. Stop spending money. Change your mindset and habits. Choose a debt reduction plan that works for you. Stay focused while pressing in to make the change. And, then take the time to celebrate your success!

How do you eliminate your credit card debts? Blab Shack would love to hear your debt crushing tips! Please comment below!



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