Mental Illness Ban Lifted by Army

mental illness ban

Do You Agree with the Mental Illness Ban Lifted by the Army?

Recently, the Army lifted a mental illness ban on new recruits. Now, people with mental issues can join the US Army. Other individuals who were banned prior may also enlist.

Reason For Policy Change

So, why the change in policy? The Army seeks to recruit over 80K new soldiers by September 2018. The change in policy is good news for some. Many highly qualified applicants faced rejection due to incidents occurring in youth. Now, the new policy frees and helps an increasing percentage. At least, those holding qualification.

Whole Person

There is one definite benefit of lifting the mental illness ban. It will allow recruiters to look at the whole person. Assessments play a critical role in making sound decisions. Definite proper guidelines should be followed.

Can This Be Good?

But, what about those with real mental health issues? Can this be a good thing? With an increased number of soldier related shootings on US soil, many debate the change.

A more prevalent number of soldiers deal with mental challenges after a time of service. Challenges relate to development of post-traumatic stress disorders. Suicide rates increase among the troops for various reasons.

More Individuals, More History

With the updated allowance, more individuals with the following history will be allowed:

  • Bipolar disorders
  • Clinical depression
  • Drug use
  • Alcohol abuse
  • History of disfiguring self
  • And other mental health issues

Leading To More Trouble?

How do you feel about this decision? Do you think it will lead to more trouble down the road? Many Americans agree this is not good. Some voice no concerns. Only time tells, and history will show the burden of proof.

Let Us Know What You Think!

Do you agree, or disagree? How do you feel this will impact the armed forces?

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