Americans Giving Up on Sugar Sodas

sugar sodas

Are You Giving Up on Sugar Sodas?

Americans are giving up on sugar sodas, a recent report shows. Sweet drinks comprise a large number of liquids for many, until lately. Now, research shows both adults and children are drinking less.

Research Statistics

Harvard research shows the decline from 2003 to 2014. The statistics drop by twelve percent for adults. And, children now drink nineteen percent less. Individual preferences change over time.

How Much Sugar?

So, you may be wondering how much sugar is okay. The average person should only consume around six teaspoons daily. This includes sugar in all foods as well as drinks.

Eating lower sugar foods is healthier. Less drinks with sugar are best. The American Heart Association declares most Americans consume twenty teaspoons of sugar every day.

Obesity Rising

Unfortunately, the obesity rates continue to rise. More middle age individuals continue to gain weight. Children with increasing weight remains as well. Sugary foods relate to the advancement.

The Solution

Americans consume too many calories. Therefore, changes are still needed for the majority. Consumption of food is at an all-time high for a large percentage. Although, sugar soda relates as the number one factor of weight gain.

Focus on Change

Do you still enjoy sugary sodas? But, you know need to make a change. In order to live a healthy life, consider the following changes:

  • Drink less sodas
  • Increase water intake
  • Choose tea or milk
  • Consider seltzer water
  • Enjoy caffeine free teas
  • Take a fifteen minute walk


Much like an athlete must condition himself, one can move toward a better lifestyle. In this case, conditioning to require less sugar. The routine must become a life focus.

Influencing Children

Parents influence the choices of children. Limiting sugary beverages in the home will help. Only allowing sugary sodas on occasion provides healthier options. Move away from flavored milks and fruity drinks, too.

Offer plenty of water to children. Include plain milk at mealtimes. The majority of children are content with these choices. Parents should also choose water and milk. They can provide a role model to the children as well. Modeling to children increases the impact to better health!


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