Creating A Rock-Solid Action Plan For Moderate Allergies

moderate allergies

Do You Have A Rock Solid Action Plan?

Do you suffer from moderate allergies? Are you in need of help to create a rock-solid plan? Here are some advices which will help you create a plan of attack!

Trigger Tracking

All allergies have a trigger. The trigger causes the body to react. Knowing and tracking your trigger will help you with a plan of attack. Common triggers are included for reference.

Common Allergy Triggers

  • A variety of nuts
  • Pollen and dust (mites)
  • Mold & mildew
  • Milks
  • Grains & wheat
  • Latex
  • Shellfish or other fish
  • Eggs
  • Pet dander

Bedroom Protection

Many physicians recommend changes in the bedroom. Most individuals spend one-third of their life in the bedroom. This can include sleep time and doing other activities. So, how can you make changes?

Allergy Recommendations – Bedroom

  • Use allergen pillow covers
  • Replace old mattresses
  • Remove items from under bed
  • Keep pets outside of the room
  • Store only clean clothes in the room
  • Remove carpets (sweep regularly)
  • Damp mop hard floors frequently
  • Refrain from using ceiling fans
  • Use dust mite covers on mattress
  • Remove blinds
  • Declutter the bedroom area

Using HEPA Products

HEPA stand for high efficiency particulate air. HEPA products hold fine mesh within. The mesh traps harmful particles. Particles can include pollen and dust mites. The filters also trap pet dander. Air purifiers take away smoke related particles.

HEPA products come in different types. Air purifiers are the most common. Vacuums can also contain HEPA filters. Central heat and air systems can be fitted with allergen reducing filters, too.

Remain Indoors

On windy days, remain indoors. This can help if you are allergic to outdoor triggers. If you must go outside, WebMD recommends wearing big glasses. This will help keep the allergens from getting into your eyes. On cooler days, wear a scarf over the face.

See Your Physician

Finally, your rock-solid action plan includes seeing your physician. If you have moderate allergies, this is extremely important. They can provide you with additional guidance, as needed.

Do You have an Action Plan?

Do you have an action plan? What tips do you have to help others? Blab Shack would love to hear your ideas! Please leave a comment below!



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