Ten Strong Reasons To Home School

ten strong reasons

Do YOU Agree With The Ten Strong Reasons?

Ten strong reasons to home school bring many to change. An increasing number of families are moving to home educate. But, why are they making the change?

Here are Ten Strong Reasons:

  • Increased one-on-one time with children – home education offers the ability to be together as a family. The journey allows family to do specific activities together. This includes time to learn, time to travel, and time to manage home.
  • Character development – home education allows focus on character development. If the child needs additional direction in this area, it is possible. And, parents help children focus on new skills.
  • Tailored instruction – one of the greatest benefits of home education. Parents teach according to the needs of the child. Additional guidance is offered in some cases. Then, allowing the child to lead builds leadership skills.
  • Doing a deep dive – when the child is interested in a particular area, the family can do a deep dive. In other words, more time can be taken to learn a subject in greater depth. This is a huge benefit of home education.
  • Plenty of play & rest – homeschooling allows the family to rest more. It also allows additional playtime. During the warmer months, more time can be spent outdoors. Or, family can take trips together and still meet standards.

Adding More Reasons:

  • Learn more – one of the unique benefits of schooling at home. Children and parents take the time to learn more. The learning never ends in the home school setting. It becomes a lifestyle for the family.
  • Keeping the faith – home schooling allows parents to instill values of faith. This is important to many families. Children learn about Christian values for body, soul, and mind.
  • Working as a team – home education includes everyone working together. This is a valuable concept for children to develop. The child must learn to work with siblings and adults. The children develop social skills.
  • Help at home – home routines are easily worked into the schedule. This provides the ability of children to learn how to manage the home. This is especially true with larger families.
  • No sick days – parents choose whether to school when a child is sick. In some cases, the child will rest when sick. In other cases, lessons continue.

Valid Reasons?

Are these valid reasons to home school? We would love to hear your opinions and insights! Leave your Blab Shack comments below!

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