Top Twelve Toddler Vacation Tips

toddler vacation tips

Check Out the Top 12 Toddler Vacation Tips!

Toddler vacation tips offer great ways to travel with toddlers. Traveling with toddlers does not have to be grueling. It can truly be a joyful experience. Use simple toddler vacation tips to enjoy the traveling practice.

Top Toddler Vacation Tips – Part One

  • Use child friendly hotel services – this is a great way to lessen the stress; some hotels are more kid friendly and offer special services
  • Kid-friendly apps – add child friendly apps to your cell phone, or mobile devices to entertain the children
  • Check out family vacation packages – family vacation getaways include children activities for every member of the family
  • Bring new toys on vacation – allowing children to play with new toys during the trip offering them new ways to play
  • Pack a coloring kit – create your own coloring kit for the children; include color pages, crayons, and pencils
  • Travel short distances – when vacationing with children travel shorter distances; this can make the trip more enjoyable for everyone

Top Toddler Vacation Tips – Part Two

  • Plan ahead – create a checklist for travel items needed; include a list of activities which are child friendly; include plenty of rest breaks
  • Prepare plenty of toddler snacks for the trip – this can help if traveling longer distances with fewer stops
  • Encouraging team work – if you have older children traveling as well, allow them to help you with the toddler; many love to help baby brother or sister
  • Travel sanitizer & wipes – include sanitizer and wipes in your travel essentials; this will offer a quick way to clean up and guard against germs
  • Car activities – don’t forget about travel fun; include games, drawing boards, audiobooks, and other quick, easy ways to distract
  • Seating arrangements – think ahead to ensure the best seating options; have an adult sit close to the toddler during travel times

Vacation with toddlers include fun adventures. Using toddler vacation tips lessen the stress of travel. The whole family can enjoy the journey!

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