Increase In Cancer Rates Linked To Diabetes & Obesity


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Have You Heard the Recent News About Cancer Rates?

Recent studies reveal an increase in cancer rates. The increase is related to diabetes and excess weight. These indicators are related to metabolic diseases. Those with diabetes and obesity are two times more likely to develop cancer. Medical News Today reports the findings.

High Body Mass Index

Individuals who are obese hold a high body mass index (BMI). In the world, over 400 million adults are diabetic. Over two billion are obese. This is staggering when looking at statistics.

Related Cancers

Individuals are at an amplified risk of developing cancer. The cancers range from liver, colorectal, and gallbladder. Other cancers include breast, pancreas, and endometrial (women).

Research Information

The research studies include individuals from one-hundred-seventy-five countries. Researchers also looked at age and gender. Nearly forty percent of cancers related to obesity and diabetes. Twenty five percent of cancers seen included the liver. And endometrial cancer was evident in nearly thirty percent of cases.

Additional Public Education

Additional public education is needed to lower obesity rates. Type two diabetes is related to overweight. If statistics continue to rise at these rates, cancers are likely to rise.

How to Lower Your Risk

Do you desire to lower your risk of developing cancer? There are many origins of cancer. But, lowering your risk of obesity will bring a healthier life. If you have a high BMI, there are ways to lower it. First, choose options to lower your weight. Second, include dietary changes which will lower BMI.

Tips for Eliminating Obesity

  • Exercise regularly (3-5x week)
  • Use healthy eating plans
  • Avoid eating high carb foods
  • Eliminate sugar from the diet
  • Limit fat consumption
  • Monitor weight changes
  • Be determined to live a healthier life
  • Use a food journal
  • Lower your BMI
  • Have an accountability partner

Ways to Lower BMI

  • Reduce the number of calories eaten
  • Limit the amount of processed foods
  • Eat fresh foods which are wholesome
  • Add resistance training to your exercise routines
  • Increase activity other ways through the day

Knock Out Obesity & Diabetes

Take the time to knock out obesity and diabetes in your life. The results will be a healthier life. This will also decrease chances of developing cancers.

Include health check ups with your physician. If you are healthy overall, at least make an annual appointment. If you have diabetes, see your doctor at regular intervals.

What are your Thoughts?

Blab Shack would love to hear your thoughts! Share with us ways you have lost weight in a healthy way. Also, do you have diabetic tips you would like to share with others? Please leave your comments below!





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