Diabetes Control Twelve Ways


diabetes control

Do You Need Diabetes Control?

Diabetes control is important for more than one hundred million Americans. The Center for Disease Control & Prevention reports these staggering statistics (July 2017). And, diabetes diagnoses are rising.

Diabetes Under Control

So, how can Americans keep diabetes under control? There are twelve ways which will help. Consider the following options which brings healthier life change.

Six Tips To Keep Diabetes Under Control

  • Lose extra pounds – losing weight will help bring down sugar levels
  • Monitor blood sugar levels – routinely check levels as directed
  • Blood testing – regular check ups with A1C tests will reveal patterns
  • Minimize carbs – eating no more than 30 carbs for each meal is best (three times per day)
  • Choose high fiber foods and fruits plus veggies – whole grain foods are a plus (with limited amounts of refined sugar)
  • Keep a check on heart disease – routine blood tests (cholesterol) and heart checks prevent unknown complications

More Tips To Help Control Diabetes

  • Exercise more – by moving on a regular basis, one can lose weight; increased activity helps lower blood sugar levels
  • Get plenty of rest – individuals who are deprived of needed sleep tend to consume more calories
  • Manage stress levels – ongoing stress pushes the body, and it increases glucose levels
  • Drink water – consume plenty of water throughout the day
  • Regular medical checkups – keeping your medical appointments is important to ongoing health
  • Follow through – your physician knows your personal situation; follow through with sound medical advice

Diabetic Lifestyle

The diabetic lifestyle can be one which moves you forward. Keep diabetes under control to prevent health challenges. Get exercise, eat right, and eliminate stress. Keep your medical appointments. And, live a better life!

Share Your Diabetic Tips

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