Unschooling Children Decide How To Learn

unschooling children

Do YOU Believe in Unschooling?

Unschooling allows children to decide how to learn. Some home educating families encourage children to take the lead in learning. In unschooling, there are different degrees of agenda.

Delight Directed Learning

Unschooling is also known as delight directed learning. The inception became increasingly popular in the 70s in America. The concept is on the rise in home school families. Children who are unschooled suffer less stress and hold more freedoms.

How Does It Work?

So, how does unschooling work? Unschool allows the child to take the lead in learning. Parents oversee the child’s activities and learning. But, the child’s interests are front and center.

For example, if the child is interested in learning about the oceans. The child takes the lead. He can use as much time as he wants to learn. For older children, they choose the books they want to read. They select the projects they want to work on.

Other Benefits of Unschooling

What are other benefits of unschooling? Let’s take a peek at a number of them:

  • Natural learning
  • Tailors to the child’s interests
  • Allows children to learn more
  • Increased eagerness (child)
  • More relaxing
  • Expanded social abilities
  • Gain in self-confidence
  • More agreeable child
  • Lower stress levels
  • Increased happiness of children
  • Close family bonds
  • Spend more time together
  • Freedom increases
  • Creativity is unstifled
  • Increased thinking processes
  • Empowerment
  • Flexibility in “schedules”
  • Child loves learning & life
  • Outlook on life is elevated
  • More time spent on topics
  • Provides amazing opportunities
  • Better decision making developed
  • Increasing trust established
  • Children learn to think outside the box
  • Learning is a normal part of life
  • Focused curiosity
  • Increased family & child enjoyment
  • Huge growth potential
  • The list goes on & on!

Amazing Journey

Unschooling becomes an amazing journey. Parents still oversee the learning of the child. Children are not allowed to do “nothing.” Unschool parents still make suggestions, ask questions, and guide the child. But, for the most part, the child delights in the learning process. He learns and grows based on his heart’s desire!

Agree? Disagree?

Do you feel children should be allowed the privilege of delight based learning? Is unschooling an option which should be allowed? Blab Shack would love to hear your thoughts! Please leave your comments below!


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