Homeschooling Changing The Face Of America

Homeschooling changing

Do YOU Agree With Homeschooling Changing The Face Of America?

Homeschooling is continuing to change the face of America. More families are making the choice to home educate their children. In 1999, over one million children were home educated. In 2007, the numbers expand to nearly one and one-half million. Past year statistics show even more growth.

Reasons to Home Educate

Many reasons exist to home educate. Families move to homeschooling for different purposes. Motives invite parents to home educate for religious reasons, freedoms, and to provide the best for their child.

Here are some of the foremost reasons parents choose home school:

  • To teach children faith
  • Focus on family values
  • Help special needs children
  • Eliminate bullying
  • Move children away from peer pressures
  • Increase freedom
  • Less stress

Even More Motives

  • More focused lessons (tailored to child)
  • One on one instruction (special needs)
  • Focus on family time (deepen relationships)
  • Flexibility in school hours
  • To travel as a family
  • Teach children more basic care skills
  • And many, many more

This list provides just a few possibilities of why parents are moving to home educate. The benefits are nearly endless. They help the child, and they support parent needs.

Legal in 50 US States

Home schooling is legal in all fifty of the United States. Each state holds different guidelines legally. Some states hold stricter standards than others. Other states are more “home school” friendly. So, if you are looking at this option, check state laws.

A New Generation

With each new generation of homeschool families, the face of America continues to change. The methods evolve. Families move to a better way.

What are Your Thoughts?

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